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Parking Map / Guide

From I95 Northbound
Take EXIT 74C toward
Turn LEFT onto E GRACE ST / US-360.
Turn RIGHT onto N 18TH ST / US-360.
To 117 N 18th St

From I95 Southbound
(including I64 E or W TO I95S)
Take EXIT 74B Franklin Street
Stay straight and take a left onto Main St.
Turn Left onto 18th Street
1.5 Blocks on your right
To 117 N 18th St

117 N. 18th Street
Richmond, VA 23223
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Miss Fallout 2020 Pageant!
On Saturday, November 16th, 2019, Fallout will hold its annual MISS FALLOUT PAGEANT. This grand event will allow you to showcase your talents, fetishes, and assets in a premiere gala outlining the wildest Richmond has to offer. Please enter our contest and join us for this special evening of debauchery.

->You must be at least 18 years old.
->You must sub-culturally represent Fallout
->Your must identify as a female
->You must be available and present by 9:00PM on November 16th
->You must accept all rules and regulations of Fallout attendance
->You must fill out a pre-application and provide a picture with your application online.
->You must be available to attend certain events, including New Years Eve 2020 and 2021.
---->Note: Once you have applied, and been accepted, you have committed to participating.
Please do not take signing up lightly.

->Free show ticket for every show at Fallout for your reigning year.
->A Private photo shoot.
->A Fallout theme night of your choosing.
->A signature drink of your choosing named after you or as you desire.
->Your pictures will be used on a Fallout Event List, flyers, and other promotions.
->A $100.00 shopping spree to Taboo with Jackie.
->A $100.00 gift certificate to Fallout.
->Premiere appearances at special Fallout events.
->Private cage dancing session and a premiere appearance as a Fallout Cage Dancer.
->A special Fallout Tiara and Sash.

There are 5 parts of the contest:
1. Each contestant has a short question and answer session (using the questions you provide us with) and fashion show in their best Fetish gear.
2. Each contestant dances in the cage for one song in their Fetish gear.
3. Each contestant participates in a swimsuit contest (Swimwear may be creative or classic).
-----IE: Classic/Standard Swimwear, 1920's Swimwear, Mermaid, Goth (ex:Wednesday Addams),
Scuba Gear, Etc. We encourage you to think outside the box!
4. Each contestant exemplifies a talent lasting no less than 1 minute, no more than about 5 can be almost anything...
5. During the course of the evening, members will vote for the winner to be crowned at the ceremony.
There will be a break in time between each portion of the contest.
During the event, the back room will be closed off as a private dressing room.
Not all applications will be accepted for the contest.
You must provide all the necessary items for your talent show.
Your talent may not endanger yourself, others, or Fallout.
Live animals, out of control paints or staining materials, ill-contained fire, and the like are NOT permitted.
Almost nothing is off limits, so please be creative!
Please bring appropriate footwear and/or gloves, depending on your preference in the cage.
All applications must be submitted by Wednesday, November 11th!


Private Information: (Will not be disclosed to anyone)
Full Name: (First MI Last)

Email Address:


Information that may be used for the contest:

Show Name (i.e. Bambi):
Astrological Sign:
Your Age:
REGULAR THING: You Like(i.e. Puppies): AND
REGULAR THING: You Like(i.e. Flowers): AND
FETISH:You Like(i.e. Sex Doggie Style):
FETISH:You Like(i.e. BloodSports):
What is your favorite color?
Describe (in detail) Your Talent:

EXAMPLES (Note: Don't answer the example questions, write NEW ones for us to ask you):
So, where did you grow up?
Tell us about your favorite hobby?
So, tell us about that scar?
Tell us, why do you think you like being beaten during sex?
Tell us, what was your worst dating experience?

Question 1:
Question 2:
Question 3:
Question 4:
Question 5:
Describe your special plans for the world:

If you could have 1 thing besides world peace or more sex, what would it be?

Choose your picture to upload
Please make the pic in high quality - no small, pixelated pics, please...And make sure it is primarily of your face. We use it during the contest
Send This Picture (gif, jpeg, jpg, or png):

I hereby release the public information listed above for use during and after the Miss Fallout Pageant
and release my likeness and images for promotional purposes shown above. I do not hold Fallout or
representatives of Fallout liable for any use of this information, injury resulting from, pictures derived from,
voice recorded from, or anything related to this contest and fully agree to the uses similar to what is
stated above. I am at least 18 years of age.

Note: It may take a minute to upload depending on your internet speed...

Type the word you see in lowercase: